Standing Rules: Basketball

SR V: Basketball Tournament Host Club
Section 1At the annual Board meeting of the Board of Directors of this Association, any member club of this Association bidding for such tournament, shall deposit with the Secretary-Treasurer of this Association a cashier's check, club check or money order in the amount (See Appendix B2) for its hostship fee, which shall be kept by this Association. In the event the Host Club withdraws prior to its tournament, the Host Club's hostship fee (See Appendix B4) shall be forfeited.
Section 2A successful bidder during the tournament shall be required to advance an amount (See Appendix B3) within thirty (30) days to this Association a security deposit as an assurance of its future participation. The amount (See Appendix A17) shall be refunded after all such requirements are met.
Section 3Only authorized delegates speaking for their prospective tournament member club hosts must be prepared to show written evidence or affidavits confirming their member club's consent to make the bids. No verbal bids are to be accepted at the time of bidding for such tournament. If no bids, verbal bids are accepted within sixty (60) days of written evidence by the member club.
Section 4The authorized delegates bidding must show written consent from their clubs, using their club's stationery and letterheads; they must have confirmations in writing as to availability of hotel headquarters, gyms, and meeting rooms for the Board meetings of this Association. The Association allows two (2) years waiting period instead of three (3) years to get gymnasium confirmation. The three (3) years confirmation letter from club to provide entertainment to secure a tournament bid is still required.
Section 5Each member club of this Association bidding for the hostship must have a basketball team which has participated in the regional basketball tournaments of this Association for at least one (1) year prior to making its bid for the hostship, and must continue to participate in the regional basketball tournaments of this Association until its hostship year, plus the following year's tournament. Any CAAD club member that violates the agreement, shall draw an automatic fine (See Appendix B4).
Section 6Each Host Club shall appoint a tournament committee to take complete charge of the regional basketball tournament of this Association. The Chairman of the regional basketball tournament committee shall notify both the officers of this Association and the Secretary-Treasurer of the USADB of its respective official tournament date; site and address of gyms; addresses of hotel headquarters; name and address of host member club; name and address of tournament chairperson; names of tournament committee members; and tournament program (tentative or complete) not later than December 1st of each year.
Section 7The General Chairman of the regional basketball tournament of this Association shall make a complete report of the plans of the said tournament to the Executive Board of this Association at least three (3) weeks before each tournament.
Section 8The Host Club's tournament committee shall decide on the distribution of the tournament trophies, awards, and prizes, which shall meet with the approval of the Executive Board of this Association.
Section 9The Host Club shall provide seating facilities for all fans in all basketball games.
Section 10The Host Club must have option of providing liability insurance for the fans during the regional basketball tournament of this Association.
Section 11In conducting the regional basketball tournament of this Association, the Host Club shall be held responsible for rental of gyms with bleachers and electric clock(s) for each game, make proper arrangements for the teams, games, certified officials, official timers, official scorekeepers, and the fans. The Host Club shall purchase trophies, special awards, and official tournament basketballs, engage quarters for the regular board's business meeting, cover one hundred percent (100%) transportation expenses of the four (4) officers of this Association, pay three (3) nights suitable rooms for the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Sports Commissioner. If the Host Club is unable to provide their own scorekeepers, the Sports Commissioner shall appoint scorekeepers, and the Host Club shall pay an amount (See Appendix B8) for their services, to any person, including the officers of this Association.
Section 12During bidding, there shall be no soliciting or making promises of gifts or donations of any kind by any bidders of tournament hosts during the basketball Board of Directors meeting.
Section 13Maps to the gym must be available to those who register.
Section 14The Host Club shall print the Hall of Fame honorees portfolio (pictures) which will be provided by CAAD, in the program book.