Standing Rules: Softball

SR VII: Softball Tournament Host Club
Section 1At the Semi-Annual Board meeting of the Board of Directors of this Association, any member club of this Association bidding for such tournament shall deposit one-half of the hostship fee (See Appendix B2). A cashier's check, club check or money order in the amount must be deposited with the Secretary-Treasurer of this Association at the time of bidding and the balance to be paid within thirty (30) days after the tournament it has hosted. In the event the host member club withdraws prior to such tournament, the half of hostship fee will be forfeited. (See Appendix B4)
Section 2Only authorized delegates speaking for their prospective tournament member club hosts must show written evidence or affidavits confirming their member club's consent to make the bids. If no bids, verbal bids are accepted within sixty (60) days of written evidence by the member club.
Section 3The authorized delegates bidding must show written consent from their clubs, using their club's stationery and letterheads; they must have written confirmations as to hotel headquarters (minimum of seventy-five (75) rooms for the softball players and fans), meeting rooms for the meetings of the Board of Directors (seventy-five (75) capacity), softball field having at minimum of four (4) good playable diamonds in the same area, bleachers with a seating capacity of five hundred to one thousand (500-l,000) and suitable rooms for the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Secretary-Treasurer, and Sports Information Director of this Association. This Association allows two (2) years waiting period instead of three (3) years to get fields/diamonds confirmation. It still requires the three (3) years confirmation letter from club to provide the entertainment to secure a tournament bid.
Section 4Each member club of this Association bidding for hostship must have a softball team which has participated in the regional softball tournaments of this Association for at least three (3) consecutive years prior to making its bid for the hostship, and must continue to participate in the regional softball tournaments of this Association until its hostship, plus the following year's tournament. Any CAAD club member that violates the agreement, shall draw an automatic fine (See Appendix B4).
Section 5Each Host Club shall appoint a tournament committee to take complete charge of the regional softball tournament of this Association. The Chairperson of the regional softball tournament committee shall notify the Commissioner and Secretary-Treasurer of this Association of its respective official tournament date; site and address of softball fields and a sketch of field layout; addresses of hotel headquarters; name and address of Host Club; name and address of tournament chairman; names of tournament committee members; and tournament program (tentative or complete) not later than May 1st of each year.
Section 6The General Chairman of the regional softball tournament of this Association shall make a complete report of the plans of the said tournament to the Executive Board of this Association at least three (3) weeks before the tournament.
Section 7The Host Club's tournament committee shall decide on the distribution of the tournament trophies, awards, and prizes, which shall meet with the approval of the Executive Board of this Association.
Section 8The Host Club may have the distinction of providing liability insurance for the fans during the regional softball tournament of this Association.
Section 9In conducting the regional softball tournament of this Association, the Host Club shall be held responsible for rental of softball diamonds/fields, make proper arrangements for the teams, games, certified officials, official timers, 15 official scorekeepers, and the fans, purchase trophies, special awards, and official softballs, engage quarters for the regular board's business meeting, cover one hundred percent (100%) transportation expenses of the four (4) officers of this Association, pay four (4) nights suitable rooms for the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Secretary-Treasurer, and Sports Information Director. If the Host Club is unable to provide their own scorekeepers, and Sports Information Director shall appoint scorekeepers, and the Host Club shall pay an amount (See Appendix B8) for their services, to any person, including the officers of CAAD.
Section 10In case of continuous three (3) days rain, the next year's regional softball tournament of this Association shall be held at the following year's Host Club site.
Section 11During bidding, there shall be no soliciting or making promises of gifts or donations of any kind by any bidders of tournament hosts during the softball Board of Directors meeting.
Section 12Maps to the softball park must be available to those who register.
SR VIII: Softball Tournament Rules And Regulations For Men And Women
Section 1Each softball team's deaf club must be a member of both the NSAD and CAAD before June 1st in order to participate in annual regional and national softball championship tournaments of this Association and the NSAD.
Section 2This regional Softball Tournament of this Association shall hold annually between 3rd weekend of July and 2nd weekend of August.
Section 3The Regional Softball Tournament site and member club sponsor shall be voted upon by the Board of Directors of this Association, between 3rd weekend of July and 2nd weekend of August the Board of Directors meeting of this Association, two (2) years in advance and the Softball Board of Directors meeting shall be scheduled at 12 P.M. on Fridays.
Section 4There shall be no softball team entry limit in the Regional Double Elimination Softball Tournament of this Association. When the number of entries is eight (8) or less, the double elimination plan shall be used to determine third (3rd) and fourth (4th) places.
Section 5Member clubs of this Association may enter more than one (1) softball team including minimum twelve (12) players per team. In case of not meet the minimum, the participating teams with less than twelve (12) registered participants shall pay the "dummy" player special rate up to twelve (12).
Section 6No other clubs outside of this Association shall be permitted to play in this tournament, but they can put up a challenge for a post-season game. This challenge game will be managed by the opposing teams.
Section 7The original copy shall be signed in the softball player's own handwriting with his/her uniform number, the other two (2) copies shall be typed or printed by the member club's Secretary-Treasurer or team manager. No proxy signature shall be accepted. The original duplicate copies shall be returned to the Sports Information Director of this Association on or before July 1st.
Section 8A fine of $5.00 per day will be charged to your club if any sports team register form(s) along with monies is mailed after the stated deadline date and the day that postmarked.
Section 9In addition to the entry fee (See Appendix B10), each entrant shall also send in a forfeit fee (See Appendix B10) and NSAD entry fee (See Appendix B10) each to insure appearance and guarantee that the entrant will play its required number of softball games at the Regional Softball Tournament of this Association. In the event an entrant fails to play its required number of softball games, such entrant shall automatically lose its forfeit fee (See Appendix A15), which shall be kept in the treasury of this Association. The part of forfeit fees (See Appendix A16) will go to Host Club if the team is backing out of tournament. Teams that show up will get a full refund (See Appendix A15).
Section 10All softball players of any member club's softball team which has entered the annual Regional Softball Tournament of this Association must be bona fide members of their respective clubs as of July 1st.
Section 11All softball managers/coaches are required to attend a meeting on Friday at the Host club's clubhouse.
Section 12The total of twenty (20) registered softball players (including minimum twelve (12) players), manager, coach, and athletic director, will constitute each participating softball team's roster entered in the Regional Softball Tournament of this Association. Each participating softball team member of the Regional Softball Tournament of this Association shall be admitted free to all softball games of such tournament (limited to a softball squad of twenty (20) which includes softball players, managers, coach, and athletic director).
Section 13There will be no prize money awards for any member club teams in any regional tournaments of this Association.
Section 14This Association allows any team which has nine (9) players to start the game with understanding that there will be an automatic out for every at bat of the tenth (10th) absent player.
Section 15All regional softball tournament games in both the Championship Flight and the Consolation Flight shall be played in seven (7) innings, except in case of rain or forfeit, of which the umpires shall be the sole judges. In case of team lateness, a fifteen (15) minute wait shall constitute grounds for the forfeit of a tournament game, and the deciding game score shall be seven (7) to zero (0). If one (1) softball team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs at the end of the fifth (5) inning, the umpires shall then have the power to call it a complete softball game. The game limit of one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes shall be used during the softball tournament.
Section 16The athletic directors, managers, coaches, and captains shall be held strictly responsible for the conduct of their softball players ON and OFF the fields. In case of neglect, riots, or other unsportsmanship conduct, the Executive Board of this Association, after giving the case a thorough investigation, shall be empowered to enforce a fine or suspension.
Section 17Each participating softball team is to have complete and alike softball uniform made by manufacturer with six (6) inches jersey numbers on the back. All players have the choice of wearing either of pants or shorts in the same color. All players must wear softball caps. Steel spikes are prohibited, only plastic or rubber cleats are allowed. The stretch type undershorts is allowed and it must be in uniformity with others who wears it on the same team.
Section 18To be fit for the Regional Softball Tournament of this Association, all softball diamonds/fields shall be somewhat similar to each other. There shall be no barriers in the outfield area.
Section 19Two (2) new softballs must be provided by the Host Club for each softball tournament game of this Association.
Section 20Any player using illegal bat(s) caught on the field/tournament shall be automatically ejected of the tournament.
Section 21The Host Club, with the help of the General Chairman or the tournament aide, shall assign official scorers and certified umpires to all games before the start of the Regional Softball Tournament of this Association.
Section 22All tournament softball games in the Regional Softball Tournament of this Association shall be played under the Slow-Pitch rules.
Section 23The Host Club sponsoring the Regional Softball Tournament shall see that they hire certified umpires, representing the local umpires association, which is affiliated with the Amateur Softball Association or United States Slo-Pitch Softball Association, to govern all tournament softball games and ground rules in accordance with the official rules of the Amateur Softball Association or United States Slo-Pitch Softball Association and CAAD.
Section 24An extra player (EP) or hitter (EH) is optional, but if one is used, it must be made known prior to the start of the game and be listed on the scoring sheet in the regular batting order. If the "EP or EH" is used, he/she must be used the entire game. If for any reason the "EP or EH" cannot continue in the game, it will result in an automatic out when it is his/her turn to bat and will remain so till the end of the game. (Refer to ASA guideline.)
Section 25All member clubs are required to pay the team entry fee, team forfeiture fee, and surcharge before third Monday of July. The club shall lose its forfeiture fee if not done by the deadline date.
Section 26The team's score sheets are the official score sheet for all softball tournament games except semi-final and final, which will be done by an official scorekeeper.
Section 27To be recognized for All-Star Softball teams, the players must play a minimum four (4) games.
Section 28Round Robin games shall be used for the decision making of All-Star selection.
SR IX: Softball Tournament Rules And Regulations For Women
Section 1This Association shall annually hold a Women Softball Tournament of this Association in conjunction with the Regional Softball tournament of this Association between 3rd weekend of July and 2nd weekend of August.
Section 2Women Softball Tournament shall be played if less than 3 (three) teams.
Section 3The Women Softball Tournament shall be a double elimination softball tournament played under Amateur Softball Association Slow Pitch rules with an eleven (11) inch softball.
Section 4All players must be on the field at least a half hour before their games.
Section 5All catchers must wear face masks (when wearing glasses).
Section 6Players may not wear jackets or sweaters when on base or on the field. Pitcher may wear jackets only when they are on base. Players may not wear jogging pants.
Section 7Each player must wear the entire approved uniform of her member Club's team and all players must dress alike. Shorts and/or pants are acceptable. Jeans may not be worn.
Section 8A player who is pregnant may not participate in tournament games.
Section 9Women softball players are not required to wear softball caps.