Standing Rules: Volleyball

SR X: Volleyball Tournament Host Club
Section 1At the Annual Board meeting, any member club of this Association shall deposit with the Secretary-Treasurer of this Association a cashier’s check, club check or money order in the amount (See Appendix B2) for its hostship fee. The authorized delegates bidding must show written consent from their clubs, using their club’s stationary and letterheads; they must have confirmations in writing as to hotel headquarters, gym with at least four (4) courts, dance hall and meeting rooms for the Board of Directors meetings of this Association. In the event the host member club withdraws its hostship prior to such tournament, the hostship fee (See Appendix B2) shall be forfeited. This Association allows two (2) years waiting period instead of three (3) years to get gymnasium confirmation. It still requires the three (3) years confirmation for hotel and letter from club to secure a tournament bid.
Section 2The host member club shall be held responsible for the rental of gym(s), provide seating for all fans attending the volleyball games, make proper arrangements for teams, games, provide new official volleyballs, certified volleyball officials, provide suitable lodging of officers. The CAAD and the host member club will cover both the transportation and lodging expenses of four (4) officers on the fifty-fifty (5r0-50) basis.
Section 3The Host Club shall secure a building under which all and women volleyball games can be played simultaneously.
Section 4An individual registration fee (See Appendix B14) shall apply to all the players, coaches, managers, and members of the Board of Directors, local tournament committee members, fans, visitors and guest.
Section 5Maps to the volleyball gym must be available to those who register.
Section 6Teams that do not fulfill their obligations as line judges during the volleyball matches shall lose their forfeit fees.
SR XI: Volleyball Tournament Rules and Regulations
Section 1This Association shall hold annually a Regional Volleyball tournament during the month of June and July except the third (3rd) week of June.
Section 2A volleyball team from any club outside of this CAAD regional area is allowed to participate in this regional volleyball tournament.
Section 3Each member club’s volleyball entry form(s) with every player’s uniform number provided must be sent to the Sports Commissioner of this Association along with its entry fee(s) (See Appendix B10) per team and its forfeit fee(s) (See Appendix B10) PER TEAM. Each club may sponsor no more than three (3) and three (3) women teams. The deadline for returning forms and fees shall be May 15th. Eight (8) names must be on the registration form.
Section 4Competing volleyball teams shall be limited to a total of ten (10) players on the roster (six (6) starters and four (4) alternates). Only ten (10) players per team shall be permitted to participate in each game. When for any reason a team is reduced to less than six (6) players, the game shall be forfeited. The remaining games of the match also be forfeited, unless the forfeiting team indicates it expects to have six (6) players for the next game, whereupon, such team shall be allowed fifteen (15) minutes between the declaration of the first forfeit and the commencement of its next game of the match.
Section 5All volleyball players’ uniforms must be complete and alike with six (6) inches high jersey numbers on the back and two (2) to four (4) inches high jersey numbers on the front.
Section 6All volleyball tournament game regulations of this Association shall be patterned after the United States Volleyball Association (USVA).
Section 7There will be no prize money awards for any member club teams in any regional tournaments of this Association. Only transportation expenses will be given to the regional tournament entries with the reimbursement the forfeit fee (See Appendix A16) and a donation ranging from the lowest rate to the highest rate (See Appendix A15) cents per mile travel between the site of the tournament and site of competing member club’s city limits. The donation shall come out of the treasury of this Association.
Section 8The Sports Commissioner of this Association and the Host Club shall work out the assignments of line judge for each team and mail to each club with tournament pairings and information packet.
Section 9Kill, Set, Serve, and Block count for the All Star Selections shall be handled by official scorers.
Section 10 The tournament format shall be a Round Robin Pools and Single Elimination Tournament as follows:
Registered TeamsPoolsTeams Tourney
<= 714
<= 1426
>= 15>= 38
Section 11 A tiebreaker as follows shall be determined for the team placements in the tourney.
  1. Win-loss record
  2. Team points vs. points
  3. Tourney points vs. points
  4. One 11 point game